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Impact on the Senses

A Look at the Effects of SPD on each Sensory System

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can effect every one of a person's sensory systems. This includes the five classic sensory systems: touch, smell, taste, vision, and hearing; as well as the three additional sensory systmes that most people are not aware of: vestibular, proprioceptive, and interoceptive.

Not only can SPD effect every sense, it can also effect every sense in a variety of ways. There is sensory defensivness, where the sensory system over sensitive to sensory input, and sensory under responsiveness, where sensations are not received or are not enough to get the nervous system alert. There is also sensory seeking, where a person will seek out enormous amounts a form of sensation, and Sensory Discrimination Disorder, in which sensations are muddled and confusing, difficult for the brain to unscramble.

The pages is this section focus on each individual sense, and the many ways it can be effected by SPD. It also compares these to the way the system works for someone who does not have SPD, to highlight the contrasts.

Sensory pages: