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About Us Section

About Us
Contains information on what SPD Life is, how it got started, and how you can get involved.

Contains information on what it means to be a Host with SPD Parent SHARE, and how you can get started today.

How to Help
Contains information on how you can help us help others today!

SPD International
Find out more about our parent SPD International organization, as well as a link to SPD International.

Contact Us
A quick and easy way to contact us today!

Find Support

Find Support
Need to find help and support for Sensory Processing Disorder? You can find out how to get it here.

SPD Information Section

SPD Information
Need to know the basics about Sensory Processing Disorder? Learn them here!

Symptom Checklists
Learn the signs and symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder in a nutshell.

Impact on the Senses
Find out all the many ways in which Sensory Processing Disorder can impact each of the senses individually.

Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice
This section offers a collection of articles and advice for everyday living with SPD.

5 Steps for Dealing with SPD as an Adult
A published article about how to get started on your journey with SPD.

Meltdown Toolkit
A helpful toolkit, providing ideas for those who are suffering from a meltdown.

Words of Wisdom
Some short quotes and words to help people through their daily lives with SPD.

Success Stories

Success Stories
This section offers a collection of success stories by various adults with SPD.

Dan's Story Part I - Dan's Story Part II
A two part story by the founder of the site. Part one covers the early years and struggles, while the second part is the road to recovery.

Karen C's Story
A story of an adult who suffered from SPD for decades before finally finding out about it and starting on her own path to recovery.

Lighter Side of SPD

Lighter Side of SPD
This section offers a collection of funny stories and articles focussing on the more humorous aspects of SPD.

Fun with Auditory Processing Disorder
A humorous tale in which a simple auditory processing glitch makes an otherwise tame sermon much funnier.

SPD For Dummies - Part I
A very amusing and more interesting way to explain SPD to a person for the first time.

Media Center

Media Center
This section contains online videos that are relative to adults with SPD.

Demonstration: Auditory Overload
A video that offers a great explanation of what it is like to be in a state of auditory overload and meltdown.

Demonstration: Visual Processing Dysfunction
A video that provides excellant examples of how people with SPD see the world around them.

Contribute Content

Contribute Content
Submit your own content for consideration to be added to the site here.

SPD Resources

SPD Resources
Looking for good SPD resources and documents for adults? Find them here!

Our Forum

Our Forum
Information about our SPD International support forums.

Our Store

Our Store
Help support SPD Life today by shopping in our Amazon shop right here on the site.

SPD Life and it's parent site,, can be expensive to run. So, to keep these resources available, donations are accepted.

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