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Support for People with SPD

If you have SPD, or know someone with SPD, odds are you are looking to help or find a place for people to talk to who understand it. SPD Life may be merely an article based site, but it is actually an active support community.

Your Best Bet

SPD Support Forum If you are looking for the best place on the internet for people with SPD, look no further than SPD Support. With a comprehensive bulletin board system, 24 hour chat room, sensory wiki, photo gallery, blogs, and more, SPD Support provides you with the support and personal attention you need. It is completely free, with no obligations for joining or participating. It is a small but growing community. Come join in and get to know us today!

Other Online Support

SPD International used to be a network of thriving Yahoo groups. Most of these groups are still active and available today. While we are trying to get people to move over to the SPD International website, we still offer these great Yahoo groups to you, at no charge, of course! They do require you to have a free Yahoo account set up to use them.

SPD Life - Our original home group.
SPD College Life - Our old home for SPD people who are going to school.
SPD Adult SHARE - The biggest and best Yahoo Adult SPD group affiliated with us.
SID-DSI AllAboutKids - Don't let the name trick you, this is a great site for adults too!
For a more complete listing of our Yahoo groups, please visit our affiliate site at SPD Parent SHARE

Local Adult SPD Contacts

The following list is of people who are serving individual areas as a form of local support. They are also Hosts of the SPD Parent SHARE community. If you would like to become a Host, find out more about it here: Hosting


Homosassa - Michelle Morris (CEO of SPD International)

Oviedo - Tammy Bishop, OT


Ypsilanti - Daniel Travis (Webmaster and Chief Administrator)

New York

New York City - Rachel Schneider
Site/Blog: Coming To My Senses


Nelsonville - Bev Isaacson (Manager of Host Relations)

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