SPD Symptoms

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Think you may have SPD, but aren't sure? Well, the checklists you find here aren't definitive diagnostic tools, but they may just help you to figure out whether or not this disorder truly affects you. If you would like, you can even print these out and bring them in to an OT.

It's pretty simple; just go to the checklist that interests you (described below) and read through the featured symptoms. To the left of the symptom is a line. Every checklist on this site has been designed to print properly. If you print out the checklist, you can use this to write in a number to reveal how greatly the symptom effects you from 0 (not at all) to 4 (severely). The more high numbers you have in one area, the morely likely it is that you may be diagnosable for that condition.

The Checklists Here

  • General (Long) — A large checklist that covers all aspects of SPD

  • Over — Focusses on Sensory Over-Responsiveness
  • Under — Sensory Under-Responsiveness checklist
  • Seeking — Focusses on Sensory seeking
  • Discrimination — Sensory Discrimination Disorder
  • Motor Disorder — Sensory Based Motor Disorder (includes Dyspraxia and Postural Disorder)
  • Other Lists — Other SPD related checklists you might like to look at

Recommended Checklist Numbering System

Official Checklist Numbering System
Response Consistancy Experienced
0 Never
1 Rarely
2 Sometimes
3 Moderately often
4 Most Often
P Previous Issue