SPD Symptoms

Seeking: Sensory Seeking (Disorder)

Sensory seekers simply can't get enough, of anything, literally! Those who suffer from Sensory Seeking Disorder, otherwise known as Sensory Offensiveness, are constantly in search of ways to arouse their starved nervous systems. Often hyperactive and impulsive, they are frequently labeled, either correctly or falsely, with ADHD. However, if they are able to get enough of the input they crave, they just might be able to calm down and focus.

Tactile Seeking

_______ Love touching and being touched

_______ May become even physically violent in search of touch

_______ Feel the need to touch everything or everyone, craving certain textures

_______ Often try to balance out touch sensations on either side of the body (i.e. touching something with your left hand and then NEEDING to touch it with your right hand)

Gustatory/Oral Seeking

_______ Crave certain textures and flavors excessively

_______ Frequently overstuff your mouth when eating, even to the point of gagging

_______ Will put anything in your mouth in search of oral input, such as chewing or crunchy sensations

_______ May have a diagnosed eating disorder for overeating

_______ Will chew or suck on things excessively and may be a smoker

Olfactory Seeking

_______ Crave certain smells excessively

_______ Need to smell everything and everybody

Auditory Seeking

_______ Love loud noises, often watch TV and listen to music very loudly

_______ Will often speak louder than is necessary

_______ May frequently make noises just to hear them

_______ Need to listen to music to concentrate

Visual Seeking

_______ May love or crave bright lights

_______ May frequently stare at bright or spinning lights

_______ Need a lot of light in a room to concentrate or focus

Vestibular Seeking

_______ Crave movements in head or body position

_______ May love to spin in circles

_______ Love being upside down or sideways

_______ Love going on roller coasters and other amusement park rides

_______ May frequently jump from high heights

_______ May repeat certain movements almost endlessly just for the sensation

Proprioceptive Seeking

_______ Love to crash or bump into things

_______ Frequently crack knuckles or stretch limb

_______ Crave highly physical activities and love to play contact sports

_______ Often bump into or jump onto furniture

_______ High levels of energy and arousal

Interoceptive Seeking

_______ May crave the sensations of hunger, thirst, or a full bladder

_______ May often overeat

_______ May not eat or use restroom as the feeling of needing to do these is enjoyed

_______ Crave a pounding heartbeat or fast breathing